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Today I wanted to take the opportunity to explain a little bit more about what happens during a newborn photography session with me.

I have been doing newborn photography for the last 2 years and I have enjoyed being able to capture the tiny baby features in photographs.

Those moments are so unique and they last only a short amount of time, but having the photographs means you can go back to that time and remember the LOVE you first felt for your newborn baby again and again.

I am very aware of newborn safety and the fact that they are so tiny and so delicate and I take these sessions very seriously and will not put babies in uncomfortable or unsafe positions.

So in terms of how it works, I would like to explain:

  • When to enquire
  • How to book
  • How to prepare before the shoot
  • What happens during the shoot
  • What happens after the shoot

I hope this was useful and as usual if you’d like to discuss anything, do get in touch and call me on 07934788100 or email

In terms of price I have more information on my “Maternity and newborns” page but generally clients spend between £250-£500. However I have packages for different budgets and they start for a package with digital and prints from £150 for 3 digital images and 3 prints (in addition to the session fee).

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