Maternity photoshoot, Clapham Common

Maternity photographer London 

I have absolutely loved doing a maternity photoshoot with this beautiful lady. She was expecting her first baby in June this year.

We had the most amazing maternity photography session in Clapham Common, one of the parks in our area. The weather was great. We had sunshine but also some clouds, just enough to make the skies interesting.

Her husband joined us later in the session, giving us enough time to focus on the bump and mum and then the couple together, and all their love for the new addition to their family. They make a great couple together and they look fab!

Newborn photographer in London

To my delight, after the pregnancy photography they chose me to do their newborn photos and they went for the full “bump and baby” package. In this package the maternity session is free and included are three sessions for the baby, at birth, at 6 months and then at one year. Timings are flexible and can be done at any time throughout the year. For more details and for bookings please see the “Newborn photography” page.

When the baby was born, the time came for the newborn photoshoot which took place in their home. Their little baby boy was gorgeous and so cute. I loved all the newborn features, cute fingers and toes, the baby smell, trying to suck his thumb and of course always looking for mama.

Here is a selection of some of the photos from the two sessions, maternity and the first newborn session.

I did another sneaky session with the baby as I wanted to get some more “super cute” newborn photos. I will post those in a separate blog post.

For now enjoy beautiful mama and baby.

Maternity photoshoot, Clapham, London

Maternity photoshoot, Clapham Common

Maternity photoshoot, session Clapham, London
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Blessed parents

Blessed parents, maternity photo session, Clapham Common, London
Maternity photoshoot, Clapham, London

Beautiful mama, maternity photoshoot. Clapham Common, London.

Maternity photoshoot, Clapham Common, London.
Newborn photoshoot, Clapham, London

Cute baby boy, sleeping and smiling.

Newborn Photoshoot, London.
Newborn photoshoot, Clapham, London

Cute baby feet.

Newborn photo session, London.

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