Family photoshoot outdoors, Tooting Photographer

Family photoshoot outdoors, Tooting Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely family in July at a location where I had not been before, in Peckham Rye.

As I was advertising the new types of family photography that are available at the moment due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, I received this enquiry.

Family doorstep and outdoors photographs

The types of photoshoots I was advertising are family doorstep and back garden or outdoors sessions. I did a few of those in my area around Tooting Bec and Balham during June and once the restrictions were lifted a bit further in July, I was looking to promote these sessions more widely.

These sessions combine doorstep photographs that are taken in front of front doors with either a session in the back garden or in a park outdoors.

We jumped on a call

As soon as I received this enquiry I got in touch with the mum who was enquiring and we scheduled a phone call. We agreed to the photoshoot, the date and the location and I was looking forward to it.

I love working with toddlers

Fast forward, we did the session in Peckham Rye with the mum, dad and their lovely 2 year old daughter. I love 2 year olds, they are cute and still look a little bit “baby like”’ but are also very interested and very determined. They have to direct and guide the group as to what they would like to do and I love following their lead.

Peckham Rye is such a lovely location

On the other hand, Peckham Rye is a lovely park, with different parts, an area with flower beds and vegetable beds and a small pond. There is also a rookery with beautiful growths of purple hysteria.

The session lasted a little longer than one hour as we did photos on the family’s doorstep and then on to the park.

The gallery is ready for you to view

Within a week I sent the family a link to the gallery with the photographs from their session for them to choose.

Once they made their choices i finalised and did the final edits on the chosen photographs which I then sent by email as a high resolution file.

Final choice of digital images and prints

They also ordered prints which I will prepare once I receive the prints and will put them into mounting. With the mounting the photographs are ready to be framed and displayed around the house.

A great way to enjoy the memories and look at the special moments regularly.

I am taking bookings from September for family outdoor photographs

I am currently offering family photoshoots that combine doorstep and garden or outdoor in a park from September.

If you’d like to reserve one, do drop me a line at photography@shimilimears.com or call / text 07934788100.

Pricing starts from £150

In terms of costs these sessions start from £150 for a 30 min shoot. Included are 3 digital images and 1 print in 7×5 inches with a mount.

For an additional £100 you can get 10 digital images and 5 prints in 7×5 inches. Or you can upgrade to a full session with £200 more and get 20 digital images and 10 prints in 7×5.

I am more than happy to discover other areas of London I haven’t been to before as long as travel time is within 30-40 minutes.

Laura x