Doorstep Photographs One Year Later


This is a tongue in cheek remembrance of the Doorstep Photographs Project I did last year at the start of the pandemic. It has been a hard year, grieving those that we lost, celebrating the little moments & appreciating what keeps us all connected, LOVE!


The Story

It all started in May 2020, when following the Global Coronavirus Pandemic, many photographers around the world started taking doorstep photographs as a way to cheer their communities up and remember this moment in history when we couldn’t leave our houses or meet other people.

I was inspired and started my own Doorsteps Photography Project in my local community in and around Tooting, London. 

Thanks to the many families, couples & friends that participated, we managed to raise close to £2,000 for St George’s Hospital Charity.

In December 2020, I run a similar Christmas Doorsteps Project and raised funds for Cup of Uji in Kenya, who work tirelessly to reduce poverty and rase awareness of children in education. 

The families that took part were all very enthustiastic, came out on their doorsteps with their children, dogs, books, to be captured together in this moment in time. 

Families & couples from the States, Australia, Canada, Italy that have made London their home and lots of Tooting and London families.  

Doorstep Photographs Tooting, One Year Later
Doorstep Photographs Tooting, One Year Later
Doorstep Photographs Tooting, One Year Later
Doorstep Photographs Tooting, One Year Later
Doorstep Photographs Tooting, One Year Later
Doorstep Photographs Tooting, One Year Later

This Virtual Exhibition is for you

I want to invite you to remember, take a moment to appreciate all that you have done on your own and as a family or a couple, or a group of friends, to overcome this difficult moment in time. How you have supported your children, your partner, your neighbours and how we collectively have held each other through the months of the pandemic. 

Families Photographed

Pounds raised

Charities Supported

I asked all those that participated what was the most challenging during the lockdown?

Read the answers below by scrolling through the different images (use arrows to flick through).

Learning to perform the juggling act of working from home, home schooling, and doing all the usual household chores whilst still making time for one another and having as much fun as possible to keep the mood light!


Louise Patterson, Tooting

Missing our parents, grandparents and family


Jessica Heaney, Tooting

Not being able to see our loved ones! Technology only gets you so far – we really miss seeing people in person


Rachel Rafter, Tooting

We both work in businesses supporting over 1m small businesses in the UK … to have to be able to support and advise those small family businesses through an unprecedented crisis has been emotional, eye opening and exhausting while keeping our family going too


Ben Thornton, Tooting

No travel back to Australia – being “stuck” in London when you move as a young person to go travel and explore.


Amanda Summons, London

I was really surprised to see how the “normal” we are used to can change pretty much overnight. If you had told me in early March that within a couple of weeks everyone would suddenly stay 2m away from other people, that restaurants, hotels and airports would close and that the whole of Europe, let alone the UK, would stay at home, I’d have thought you’d got a knock on the head!

 Carine Wallace, Tooting

The cancellation of school and our oldest daughter’s GCSEs along with the huge impact on our work.

Sharon, Tooting.

Special Event

Doorstep Photographs Tooting, One Year Later

This Virtual Exhibition will remain available for you to view and share with your family and friends. 

The more people see it the bigger the impact and better we will remember our collective response in the face of adversity. 

Doorstep Photographs Tooting, One Year Later

The charities supported 

Doorstep Photographs Tooting, One Year Later
Headshots for Charity December 2020

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