Day 15 – I was trying to capture the water coming out of the water fountain and get as close as I could to the flow to see how it would look. At the same time I was being cautious of the background and tried to have some trees displaying colours of autumn so i would have a flow of water with some blurry background. The day wasn’t very bright so focusing on the water which is brighter than the background didn’t produce a very contrasted image, so it was favourable.

I think what I had in mind was different from the final result, as focusing on water that flows up in the air wasn’t easy. And also I couldn’t get the blurred background as I couldn’t focus only in the water. Perhaps I should have used continuous focus and am certain that I had a small aperture, and I would have needed a wider on to get the blurriness.

However I still like this image for the juxtaposition of the water flow with the autumn-y trees in the background.