Day 9 – I will stick with Manhattan, this time the lights shinning from the towers and busy offices at night.

This is Manhattan’s lights at night, from the Dumbo, a small green area below Brooklyn Bridge opposite the financial district. This image means a lot to me in terms of what I put in to take it but also the result, which makes me pleased. Nighttime photography is not the easiest, for one you need to be stable as any movement or shakiness will translate into blurriness in the image. Then you need to understand long exposure, i.e. leaving the camera exposed to light for a long time, which is needed in dark conditions. So this is at 30 seconds of exposure, ISO 100. This can be done in manual mode or shutter speed priority when you set yourself shutter speed values.

I absolutely wanted to go to the dumbo to take pictures as one of my favourite photographers, a young girl Olivia Bee, super talented, has an image of ‘an angel’, a girl wearing wings with this setting for a background. I loved that image and I absolutely wanted to have a go at reproducing that scene. I didn’t have wings nor a tripod, so in fact when I got there I couldn’t use my self as the subject. I could only take a picture of the scene itself. Which I did and this is the result.

I particularly like the calmness of the water, it looks so smooth and the lights reflections in the water.

What about you, what do you think? How could I have made this image better?