Isn’t this beautiful? I mean when you look at the individual wheat, so closely your appreciation for it reaches, a different level, no?

It almost looks like a sort of shellfish and you can feel the breeze moving its hair around.

Wheat amongst friends. Now there are a few of them, all standing up in a big field, saluting the sun, ready for another glorious day.

Despite me getting a bit carried away with the beauty of the wheat, its importance to human civilisation could not be overstated. Wheat has the highest levels of vegetal protein from all other grains (maize and rice) and it is the 3rd most produced cereal in the world (after rice and maize). It has also been a key factor in the emergence of city-based societies as it allowed easy cultivation on a large scale and could be stored for the long-term (Wikipedia is my reference here as I don’t have any books on the history of wheat).

This is my deep appreciation for wheat on many levels but returning to the photographic interest, I wanted to show these pictures as they were taken on an early morning shoot, something quite unusual for me (see previous post ).

I spent quite a bit of time photographing the wheats, playing with different backgrounds, with the hill and trees at the back, with the sky as a background and finally with nothing but wheat in the background, the ones shown here.

It was very calm and pleasant early in the morning, and birds and animal noises were my only companions. A soft warm breeze made the whole experience very enjoyable.

I am looking forward to the next opportunity, where is the tripod ūüėČ